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Bexsero's 2&U campaign is a targeted initiative aimed at educating young adults about the importance of completing the meningococcal group B vaccination series by taking both doses. The campaign emphasizes that getting vaccinated is not just a one-time event but requires a series of doses to achieve maximum protection against the disease. In addition to targeting young adults, the campaign also aims to educate healthcare professionals (HCPs) about the importance of completing the full vaccination series and provide them with educational resources to discuss it with their patients. By targeting both young adults and HCPs, 2&U campaign creates a unified approach to promoting the benefits of completing the full vaccination series, ensuring that all parties are informed and equipped to make proactive choices about their health.

Color Palate


The design aspect for the email and social media pieces of Bexsero's 2&U campaign is visually engaging, incorporating a clean and modern layout, vibrant imagery, and the blue color as a key branding element. This cohesive design approach builds upon the existing brand awareness and recognition of Bexsero, providing consistency across all materials. By reinforcing the importance of completing the meningococcal group B vaccination series, the campaign encourages young adults to take an active role in their health and well-being. The use of the blue color in the photography from the photoshoot brings a consistent visual theme throughout the campaign materials, creating a visually appealing and impactful experience for the target audience.


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