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"Time to Take a Break!" is a coded Chrome extension featuring a snake game that provides a refreshing break from work or school. This addictive game allows users to indulge in a quick gaming session directly within their browser. With simple controls and a familiar objective of collecting food while avoiding obstacles, players can easily immerse themselves in the captivating gameplay. Whether it's a brief respite during a hectic day or a much-needed breather, this Chrome extension offers a delightful escape for users to rejuvenate their minds before returning to their tasks.

Color Palate

Simple palette to represent a simple game that everyone remembers.


The "Time to Take a Break!" chrome extension is a lightweight application that seamlessly integrates with Google Chrome. It features a snake game built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, offering users a fun and refreshing break from work or school.

Upon installation, the extension adds a discreet button to the Chrome toolbar. Clicking this button opens a new tab where the game interface is displayed. Users can activate the game whenever they desire a break, creating a quick and accessible gaming experience.

The game mechanics are implemented using JavaScript to handle user input and manipulate game elements. Players control the snake's movement using arrow keys, ensuring smooth and intuitive gameplay.

The board is rendered using HTML and styled with CSS, providing an engaging visual environment. The snake and food objects are dynamically generated and updated as the game progresses, with collision detection mechanisms ensuring the snake captures food and avoids obstacles. By utilizing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the extension ensures compatibility across different devices and provides a convenient way for users to take a quick break from their work or school activities.

Download "Time to Take a Break!" here to play for yourself!

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