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Proposal poster

This thesis project, Los Recordamos, aims to celebrate the rich culture and history of Puerto Rico through the lens of art, food, music, painting, fashion, and photography. "Los Recordamos" translated to "we remember", representing many different aspects of Puerto Rico that are overshadowed by tourism and modern tech. The project will be presented in a gallery space, and will consist of five separate self-made books, each representing one aspect of Puerto Rican culture.

Color Palate

Uses the colors of the Puerto Rican flag as inspiration for the promotional poster and colors inspired from the architectural colors in Old San Juan as accent colors for each of the books.


All 5 art elements are represented by 5 different handcrafted books with different bindings and a different experiences to them.


The first book will focus on Puerto Rican cuisine, featuring traditional recipes, historical context, and interviews with local chefs and food experts. The second book will delve into the music of Puerto Rico, featuring profiles of musicians and artists, and showcasing the island's rich musical traditions. The third book will focus on painting, featuring in-depth analysis of Puerto Rican artwork, interviews with local artists, and showcases of paintings from both established and emerging artists. The fourth book will explore the fashion scene in Puerto Rico, featuring profiles of local designers and fashion bloggers, as well as runway photos and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the world of Puerto Rican fashion. The fifth and final book will be a magazine that combines all the previous elements into one cohesive publication. It will feature articles, interviews, and photography on all aspects of Puerto Rican culture, from the food to the fashion, and everything in between. The books are all displayed in a self-made L-shape table with each book having a carved-out space for each to have its own place to live.

Together, these self-made books will provide visitors to the gallery space with a comprehensive understanding of Puerto Rican culture and history, celebrating the island's rich heritage and artistic traditions. The project seeks to showcase the diversity and vibrancy of Puerto Rican art and culture, while also providing a platform for local artists, chefs, musicians, and designers to share their work with the world.

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